September 8 – October 7, 2007 ~ Opening Night: September 15, 2007


a world premiere theatre event

created and directed by BILL PULLMAN

in association with the Chabot Space & Science Center

This imaginative docudrama explores the personal and political life-and-death crisis of two American astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut stranded in space after the Columbia Shuttle disaster.  Pullman uses a company of eight actors, movement, live music, and low-flying trapezes in this stylized new work based on writings by astronauts, NASA reports, and other primary source materials.

"Our Space History" Exhibition: Space flown items from the world-famous collection of The W Foundation will be on display Sep 14-16 an hour before and after curtain.


Arwen Anderson

John Behlmann

Sally Clawson

Nora el Samahy

Karl Hanover

Robert Karma Robinson

Brent Rose

Justin Walvoord

"The perspecitve you get from space and what it teaches you . . . .Earth is home. And that's a very simple thing but it's an experiential thing." - ----Bill Pullman on his play "Expedition 6"
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