12-31-2010 "Torchwood" Season 4 with Bill Pullman playing the villain will be filmed in the USA and broadcast on the Starz network in Summer 2011.

December 17th 2010 Bill Pullman is 57 today. Happy Birthday, Bill !

12-15-10 Bill Pullman is joining the cast of "Torchwood" as a series regular for Season 4 which will be broadcast in Summer 2011. Pullman will play Oswald Jones, a 'dangerously clever' convicted murderer set free on a technicality. 'Torchwood' recruits Bill Pullman

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Bill Pullman Interview: INDEPENDENCE DAY, NEWSIES, BEYOND APOLLO Adaptation Interview

Five Favorite Films: Bill Pullman Pullman talks about his five favorite films. Article.

10-25-10 Bill Pullman has joined the cast of HBO's "Too Big to Fail". Pullman will play Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase CEO. Filming begins in October. broadway-world.com


10-25-10 Tamara Pullman, Bill's wife, danced in the world premiere of "The Matter of Origins" with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange at the University of Maryland in September. For more about her performance and "The Matter of Origins", see the Washington Post Review

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange & Photos

10-06-10 "Bill Pullman Ponders: Nice Bill Pullman or Edgy Bill Pullman?" Interview Wall Street Journal 10-06-10.

9-12-10 TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2010 Bill Pullman will be at TIFF. His film "Rio Sex Comedy" is showing. TIFF website

TIFF FILM page : WARNING: ADULT CONTENT on "Rio Sex Comedy" page.

8-17-10 Actor Bill Pullman loves making movies in Oklahoma Article

"Rio Sex Comedy" will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival.

8-17-10 Shooting in Oklahoma for "Bringing Up Bobby" has wrapped. (See Cast photo, upper right.)

7-29-10 Bill Pullman is currently shooting "Bringing Up Bobby" in Oklahoma. IMdb page Article.

6-30-10 'Catching up with Bill Pullman' Evening Tribune.com Interview

6-16-10 Bill Pullman has joined the cast of a film currently shooting in Derby, CT. Middletown Press.

6-17-10 THE KILLER INSIDE ME opens Friday, June 18, 2010 in a limited release in the USA. IMdb page

5-6-10 BILL PULLMAN IS NOT PLAYING HUGH HEFNER in "Inferno". Pullman is not attched to play Hefner nor is he in negotiations for the part. LA Times.

ALIEN AUTOPSY is available to view and rent for viewing via Netflix and other rental outlets. Contact ceres21@juno.com with any questions.

DVD Talk Review of "The Killer Inside Me". Great notice for Pullman. Review.

"The Killer Inside Me" will have a limited release in the USA on June 15, 2010.

Actor Bill Pullman Chastises Montana Energy Company for Endangering Public Health Video-click here

For more information, see also Concerned Citizens Montana.net

The pilot of "Nathan vs. Nurture" has been shot.

"Kerosene Cowboys" website is up: www.kerosene-cowboys.com

3-26-10 Bill Pullman's (Comic) Celebrity Meltdown! See Pullman meltdown as part of Brent Rose's 50 Characters in 50 Weeks. Warning: This is NOT real--it is comic satire. Click here

PEACOCK will be released on DVD on April 20, 2010.

Interview: Here's a great Pullman video interview that dates from the release of "Bottle Shock". Click here

2-21-10 Bill Pullman has signed on to do the pilot for NBC comedy "Nathan vs. Nurture". Pullman will play Arthur, who is reunited with the son he put up for adoption 35 years ago. His son (played by Jay Harrington) is an overachieving heart surgeon, the opposite of Arthur's other 3 underachieving sons. Hollywood Reporter

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2-18-10 Bill Pullman Greets James Roday, Michael Weston at Extinction Opening. New York. Theatre Mania

2-11-10 If I Ran the Oscars: Lloyd Kaufman. Producer-Director Lloyd Kaufman has some interesting thoughts on the Oscars and who deserves to receive the award. Click here and scroll down for quote.

2-2-10 Sundance Tally: 10 titles sold during festival "The Killer Inside Me" gets theatrical distribution deal with IIFC. Hollywood Reporter Collider.com

1-27-10 Gallery: Sundance Festival Film premieres. The Herald Dispatch. Click here.

1-27-10 Sundance 2010: The Big Bing NY Times

1-26-10 For pictures of Bill Pullman at the Sundance Film Festival, click here.

1-24-10 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL , Park City, Utah. Bill Pullman is at the world premiere of his film The Killer Inside Me and will be at the after party. For more on The Killer Inside Me and the Sundance Festival, click here.

1-22-10 Bill Pullman gave the keynote address at the American College Theater Festival, Region II on January 14, 2010. The Festival was held at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA. Bill's speech was covered by the website and we will be publishing an extensive article with pictures. Indiana University published an article on Pullman's talk. Pullman Shares Advice, Experience with Theater Festival Participants

1-22-10 The website for PEACOCK is up and running. Go to www.peacockthemovie.com

1-17-10 ZERO EFFECT : The New Cult Canon. An interesting, edgy and thoughtful appreciation of 'Zero Effect' by Scott Tobias on the AV Club website. Article.