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Julia Stiles and Bill Pullman in Oleanna. Photos by Craig Schwartz.
Bill Pullman and Julia Stiles in "Oleanna" Photos by Craig Schwartz.
CAROL. You think that I'm stupid.

JOHN. No. I certainly don't.

CAROL. You said it.

JOHN. No. I did not.

CAROL. You did.

JOHN. When?

CAROL. ...you...

JOHN. No. I never did, or never would say that to a student, and ...

CAROL. You said, "What can that mean?" (Pause) "What can that mean?" (Pause)

JOHN. ... and what did that mean to you...?

--OLEANNA, Act 1 , David Mamet

JOHN. You're going to make a ... look, look, look, you're going to ...

CAROL I shouldn't have come here. They told me ...

JOHN. One moment. No. No. There are norms, here, and there's no reason. Look: I'm trying to save you ...

CAROL. No one asked you to ... you're trying to save me? Do me the courtesy to ...

JOHN. I am doing you the courtesy. I'm talking straight to you. We can settle this now. And I want you to sit down and ...

CAROL. You must excuse me ... (She starts to leave the room.)

JOHN. Sit down, it seems we each have a..... Wait one moment. Wait one moment ... just do me the courtesy to ... (He restrains her from leaving.)


---OLEANNA, Act Two. David Mamet


and Doug  Hughes canny helming fully animate David Mamet’s galvanic play. Stiles is  superb…Pullman’s horrified stagger is one of the spellbinding emotional  exhibitions of this theatrical year.”

- Bob Verini, Variety

Bill Pullman  and Julia Stiles are riveting together under Doug Hughes’ taut direction.  Mamet’s…dialogue flies between the two characters like a shattered pane of  glass, each fragment finding its mark and leaving a speck of blood.”

- Jay Reiner, The Hollywood Reporter

“…you can’t argue with a play that retains the power to  get theatergoers arguing with each other as they head home.”

- Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times