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On 17 December 2000, twenty-five members of the bpullman listserv were joined by Elizabeth, production assistant for Big Town Productions.  For one lively hour, Elizabeth was peppered with questions from eager fans with inquiring minds and the need to know everything.  Elizabeth was funny, patient, and told us everything she knew.  Or at least everything that she could tell us.....

This transcript was made by Janney Lee.  Diana made further edits for consistency, readability, and proper grammar.   Enjoy!


Sunday, December 17, 2000

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm PT / 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm CT

Participants: (in no particular order): Elizabeth (from Bigtown), Liz (our fearless chat leader), Lisa, Elie, Janny Lee, Hammie (or Mary Ellen), Col, Mary Anne, Heather, Anne, Jan, Christal, Mitsue, Suzie, Elizabeth, Sandra, Ildi, Diana, Linda, Debbie (sistergrube), Julie (suddzey3), Linda (lynost9742), Marilyn (pugmom99), barmse1989, Susan (zgypsey3), Beth (musikangel)

Bigtown1: joins the group

Egroup: Welcome. Hi Elizabeth thanks for chatting with us. Hi Elizabeth. Greetings Elizabeth. Hi welcome. Hi. Hello Elizabeth from Snowy Chicago. Welcome Elizabeth. Thanks for doing this! Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your Sunday with us.

Egroup: Do tell us everything. Hi Elizabeth, Eleanor here. You and I are enjoying the same weather.

Bigtown1: Please excuse all typos.

Egroup: Thanks for joining us. Did he like the card. Elizabeth, the big question on everybody’s mind is "did Bill see his card?"

Bigtown1: He LOVED the card!

Egroup: Great. Fab.

Bigtown1: You guys are amazing.

Egroup: What did he say? So how should we work this? Does he know about the donation to MS? Take it slow everyone.

Bigtown1: Thanks.

Egroup: Elizabeth, people will ask one question at a time. Stop asking until she’s done., OK? Elizabeth, please switch to bold.

Bigtown1: Okay…better? (Missed something here..she was in red I think…couldn’t read it…said something about showing Bill the card but she didn’t tell him about the MS donation and would tell him Monday.. Do you remember?)

Egroup: I thought the donation was in the card. Do you select certain scripts for Bill to look over? .

Bigtown1: Oh yea! Then he does know! Sorry, my brain’s not quite up to speed on Sunday. Yes, if I read a script that I think might be something of interest to him.

Egroup: When is Ignition going to be released? When he is on a shoot do they get to go home on the weekends?

Bigtown1: A release date hasn’t been determined as of yet. He comes home on weekends at times; of course it depends on where he’s shooting.

Egroups: Question: I heard early this year that Bill would be hosting a program on North American Indians, Ref: Ed Curtis. Has he hosted it already or when will be if not. I am interested because I am one

Bigtown1: He has not hosted it. I unfortunately don’t know anything about the program. It might have been before my time.

Egroup: How long have you worked with Bill? Has there been any talk about a "Zero Effect" sequel as a cable movie?

Bigtown1: I’ve worked with him for 5 months now. No talk of a sequel at this point….

Egroup: A very important query: What color are Bill’s eyes (without contacts)?

Bigtown1: Blue…with flecks of brown.

Egroup: Do you ever go on location if he is shooting in L.A. Does Bill live in LA or outside of LA?

Bigtown1: He hasn’t been shooting here since I’ve been with him. He lives in L.A.

Egroup: Please let me know, he is the most favorite role of the played role. Is he a good boss to work for?

Bigtown1: I’ve never asked him his favorite role, so I can’t answer that one. He’s a wonderful boss

Egroup: How much contact do you have with him when he is filming? Does he read his fan mail or do you read it only? Who is the director of "Screenland?"

Bigtown1: I talk with him daily when he’s away. He tries to read it all. Suri Krishnamma is the director.

Egroup: There is some uncertainty about his birthdate. 1953 or 54? He’s 46 or 47 today?

Bigtown1: 1953.

Bigtown1: He hasn’t been shooting here since I’ve been with him. He lives in L.A.

Egroup: How many other people work for Big Town?

Bigtown1: Bill has one partner…and we have an in-house producer of sorts…so 4 of us in all…

Egroup: Do you know what he is doing today for his birthday? What exactly is your job for Bill, and how did you get it? (out of curiosity) What is his next movie?

Bigtown1: He’s in Montana. I am his personal assistant…travel, appearances, things he needs, you name it…I’m also a development assistant…We don’t know for sure about the next movie. Hopefully Screenland! Done.

Egroup: Do you know if Tamara views all of his movies?

Bigtown1: Yes, she sees them all…she’s very supportive.

Egroup: (Screen went blank on me and I missed a question…I believe it was about what Bill was like…do you Remember the question?

Bigtown1: He’s just like any other person..sometimes funny, sometimes serious…

Egroup: What color is the truck he drives. How long has Bill and Tamara been married?

Bigtown1: Dark blue… don’t’ know, a long time though…

Egroup: Was Mrs. Pullman also a student of the University? He described himself as a procrastinator in an interview, is he?

Bigtown1: I don’t know the details of that…Sorry!

Egroup: Do you think he would ever consider doing a play in England? Does he get much time to spend with his family? Does he wear his real life wedding band when playing a married person on screen?

Bigtown1: If the opportunity arose, and it was the right time, I think he’d be open to it…. He tries to spend as much time with the family as possible…. Don’t know about the wedding band.

Egroup: Have you seen all or most of his films? I believe that he spent time in England as a student. Do you know anything about his time here? Or when it was? : What’s your fave Bill movie? Ok Elizabeth, did you understand Lost Highway?

Bigtown1: I’ve seen most of them…. I don’t know anything about his experience in England…. I liked Lost Highway, a lot……

Egroup: Does he wear contacts? Did you ever meet David Lynch?

Bigtown1: Yes, he wears them. No, I’ve never met Lynch…

Egroup: Do you know which actors he admires (favorites of his)? Have you ever been to his ranch in Montana? Of the serious roles were played by him, which role does he like?

Bigtown1: I don’t know his favorite actors…I’ve never been to the ranch…. I think he likes all the roles he takes.

Egroup: What is his natural hair color?

Bigtown1: Light brown.

Egroup: Do you think we could get notified when Bill is due to perform at a charity event? I’m sure some of us would love to see him perform live, after all that’s the dream of every fan, and support him/his cause. Does he have a favorite director he enjoys working with?

Bigtown1: We’ll do the best we can with the notification…sometimes things are spur of the moment…I think he has favorites, but not sure…I know he enjoyed working with both Roland Emmerich and John Turtletaub…

Egroup: What is his favorite food? What about his natural eye colour?

Bigtown1: No idea about the food…his eyes are blue, with some brown flecks….

Egroup: Have you always been a fan of his work?

Bigtown1: Yes, I’ve always respected him as an actor…

Egroup: Did you major in film studies at college? How did you get your job?

Bigtown1: We didn’t have a film program, just television…I double majored in TV production and theatre. I interviewed and wrote script coverage…a few interviews…

Egroup: Is Bill thinking of making any romantic comedies in the near future?

Bigtown1: Not at the moment…

Egroup: Did he interview you for this job? Does Bill still keep goats? Is he in Montana during the Christmas Holidays?

Bigtown1: I met him on my second interview of sorts…I basically just met him and we talked for a while…. No goats at the house, just dogs and chickens…. He’s in Montana now, yes…

Egroup: Elizabeth, what are your hours like? Are they scattered all over the place or are you basically 9-5? We would all love to have your job, you are one lucky lady. Is it possible for Bigtown and Bill to push for a good DVD of WYWS – one that shows the deleted scenes, director’s commentary, etc?

Bigtown1: Scattered, but basically 9 to 7:30 or 9…I don’t think there’s much we can do about DVDs…

Egroup: What are your future career goals? I.e., production, directing, etc. 12 hours a day—you better get a great Christmas Present!!! Does Bill like dogs?

Bigtown1: Who knows? I’d like to do it all, to tell you the truth…I have a great mentor for that. I got a GREAT present…. He loves dogs….

Egroup: How does one get to be Bill’s assistant on a movie set?

Bigtown1: If he goes on another movie and needs an assistant, I’ll go.

Egroup: What project are you busy with now? Does he see many other movies as for a holiday? Does Bill follow any sports…basketball, football, etc.?

Bigtown1: Screenland…he sees lots of movies…no sports to my knowledge….

Egroup: Does Bill often audition for roles? What was your first impression of Bill at the interview? Does he visit his friends and family in Hornell much? Any chance of him running for president?

Bigtown1: Sometimes he auditions, sometimes he just gets offers…I liked him…He visited for Thanksgiving. I think he’ll stick to the movie biz?

Egroup: What are your 3 favorite movies?

Bigtown1: of Bill’s, or period?

Egroup: Period.

Bigtown1: Terms of Endearment, Boogie Nights, Vertigo….

Egroup: When he flies, does he fly first class?

Bigtown1: Sometimes first class, sometimes not….

Egroup: Have you seen all or any of Bill’s films? So, which ones were memorable to you?

Bigtown1: Most of them…WYWS, Accidental Tourist, Sibling Rivalry, Lost Highway, Sleepless.

Egroup: What other charities is he involved with?

Bigtown1: Too many to list…he’s very charitable.

Egroup: Does his family ever go on location with him?

Bigtown1: Sometimes they visit him on location.

Egroup: Have you ever been to his house? Has Bill had many offers to direct after the success of The Virginian? How are the kids handling his fame? I know that sometimes it can be a problem.

Bigtown1: Yes…I’ve been to his house. Yes, he’s had offers. His kids are great…

Egroup: Please let me know the name of the cat which he keeps.

Bigtown1: No cats to my knowledge.

Egroup: He prefers Independent films to big studio, doesn’t he?

Bigtown1: It depends…on the material….

Egroup: Which actors/actresses are friends of his?

Bigtown1: He’s friends with lots.

Egroup: Do any of his kids show an interest in Showbiz and how does he feel about that?

Bigtown1: I don’t think so…sorry.

Egroup: Did you want to tell us what you got for a present?

B igtown1: I got a gift certificate.

Egroup: I read somewhere that he does quite a lot of writing—is this correct?

Bigtown1: He does write, yes….

Egroup: Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking the time to talk with us. We’re all fans of yours now, too! Thanks so much for chatting with us. Thank you again and be sure to tell Bill that you spoke to us all over the nation and Japan and England and Others. He has touched many people, positively. We think Bill is wonderful, and we appreciate you taking the time with us.

Bigtown1: My pleasure!!!

Egroup: Elizabeth, thank you so much for giving up your time, we all appreciate it more than you could know!!

Bigtown1: You guys are amazing! He’s very lucky to have fans like you.

Egroup: Elizabeth-- hope we didn’t scare you too much! Thanks again and have a wonderful Sunday.

Bigtown1: You’re welcome all! Thank you for putting up with my typos!

Egroup: We all type the same…typos never count against you in chat rooms…It’s the law.

Bigtown1: Thank goodness!

Egroup: Come back soon…

Bigtown1: I hope to! Bye guys…Happy Holidays to all of you!!

Egroup: Don’t forget to bring Bill as well!!!!!

THE END….maybe?

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