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Since we've now had several people who have met Bill, those encounters deserve it's own page.  From fundraising events to awards shows and even theater appearances, many fans have been lucky enough to meet Bill in person.  Although everyone's experiences are unique, everyone invariably mentions the same thing.  Bill was always unfailingly gracious and patient.  All these encounters have occurred at public events and we never, ever bother him during his private time.  Even though we are sorely tempted. 


Big Town luncheon (June)

Okay, Bill didn't actually show up, but it was darn nice of him to have his assistants take us out to lunch.  We came from all over and it was the first time some of us have met in real life. Brad and Bret answered our many questions patiently!

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Cornerstone Theater Bridge Awards (October 16)

Annual awards show which started in 2000 to honor participants active in the Cornerstone Theater.   Various actors, including Bill, participated in the night's events. Supported by listserve donations, 3 lucky ladies got to attend the Awards Show in LA.



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University of Massachusetts -Amherst (April1-3)

Bill appeared at his alma mater (class of '80) to teach workshops on acting, directing, writing and filmmaking.  Don't remember if any list-serve members made it, but I'm sure some fans were there so we'll include it here. ;)

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Western Heritage Awards (April 21)

This event is one of the most prestigious special occasions hosted by the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, which pays tribute to individuals who have helped preserve the spirit of the West through literature, film, music, and television.  The Virginian, Big Town's very first production, was recognized for a Wrangler Award for the Best Television Feature Film.

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Cornerstone Theater Bridge Awards (Or Elie's Cornerstone Adventure)

Held again this year to honor special participants in this theater organization.

Alfred University (October)

Still not tiring of teaching (perhaps he wants to go back to his old career?), Bill again spends a few days at Alfred University, near his hometown of Hornell doing some workshops. A quilt from the listserve was presented to him then.

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Courtesy of Michael E. Cady of MC Studio and Gallery


The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? (Spring and Summer)

Several fans had the pleasure of seeing Bill perform live on Broadway in the award-winning play from Edward Albee. Those encounters, along with play information, are on the Goat pages. I believe Ilona is our reigning play champion, having seen it 8 times!! You go, girl.


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Princeton (under construction)

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