Bill Fanfic!

In an attempt to amuse ourselves while Bill makes films and thus, makes us happy, the Pullmanites present Bill Fanfic!  We invite you to write your own stories involving any of Bill's memorable characters or poems or rewrite a script.  Make yourself the Leading Lady in your own "film".  The only rule is that Bill must appear as one of his characters.  (Writing the "real Bill" is just too....weird.)

Send your submissions to the Empress of the Fanfic page.   I reserve the right to edit (that's called beta reading in fanficdom), to "rate" your stories according to MMPA standards, and to refuse your submission if it's inappropriate.  Let the fun begin!

Author List:


      The WYWS script (PG-13)

        The Lake Placid script  (R)

         The Zero Effect script (R)

          The Virginian script (PG-13)