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Directed by Brad Silberling

Written by Sherri Stoner and Deanna Oliver

Produced by Steven Spielberg

Starring: Christina Ricci, Cathy Moriarity, Eric Idle, Some Really Cool Special Effects, and of course.....


In this first live-action telling of the popular cartoon and comic book character "Casper the Friendly Ghost", moviegoers of all ages are treated to a wonderful story about a loney girl who finds confidence in herself through friendship with an other worldly being.

Casper is just as eager for companionship, as Kat (Christina Ricci), a teenager who has lost her mother.   Her father, James Harvery (our man Bill), keeps hauling her around the country as a "New Age therapist to ghosts".  Ghosts, he declares, as spirits with unfinished business.  Jamess&KatT.JPG (15705 bytes)

The story begins when Harvey is hired by Carrigan Crittenden (played to the hilt by Cathy Moriarty) and her sidekick lawyer, Dibbs (Eric Idle)  to rid her newly inherited castle-like house of its ghostly inhabitants.  Besides Casper, Whipstaff Manor is haunted by his three wacky uncles: Fatso, Stinky and Stretch.  They are disappointed Casper doesn't want to scare the "fleshies", so they pretty much make "life" miserable for him.

Harvey & Kat's encouters with the uncles are fraught with high comedy and a little bit of mean-spirited fun (Watch for Bill's joust with the plunger and the ghosts attempt to "find" Harvey's dead wife).  The scenes with Harvey and the uncles especially are full of wit and camp, and the visual puns provide older viewers some screaming comedy.  Watch for the bar scene where Bill sings karoke "Jail House Rock."

The focus of the story belongs to Kat & Casper.  The scenes are often moving as two lonely souls find friendship and trust.  Even young children understand the importance of friendship, even between two characters who live in entirely different worlds.  The subplot of Kat's difficulty finding acceptance at her new school and the cattiness of some of her peers is merely a device and not very interesting.

Our man Bill as James Harvey brings a delightful comedic sense, sterling timing, and a marvelously sensitive touch as aSearchingT.JPG (14328 bytes) widower desperately searching for the ghost of his wife, while navigating the uncertain waters of raising a teenage daughter.

The sets are a visual treat.   The plot is easy for children to follow while providing enough stuff to keep the parents and youth interested.  Don't miss "Casper"--it's definitely not just your average Halloween flick.

Rated PG--for the topic of death & loss, a couple of swear words, and comedic violence.  Some children may be affected by scenes of characters dying, even though they reappear as animated ghosts.

summary & comments by dlrs

Photographs from the Movie and Movie Storybook


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A heart to heart talk about life, looking for ghosts in all the wrong places, and living out of suitcases.


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James & Cat, father & daughter, make the deal to go to Maine and continue his search.


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Another deal is made: this was not in the film.


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Cat & James get a basket of flowers to welcome them to Whipstaff Manor

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