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Cold Feet


Directed by Robert Dornhelm

Starring: Keith Carradine, Sally Kirkland, Tom Wait, Bill Pullman and Kathleen York, with Rip Torn

This movie starts at a small ranch in Montana where Buck Latham (Bill Pullman) and Laura (Kathleen York) own 21 brood mares. They are barely making ends meet. Then brother Monty (Keith Carradine) calls Buck and gives him good news! He is coming to stay with them awhile and is bringing with him Infidel, the Grand Champion Stallion of Arizona.

The story revolves around Infidel and a plan to hide a fortune in stolen emeralds in the horse’s belly, kill the horse and retrieve the emeralds. Monty, in turn, steals the horse and dumps his partners-in-crime, Maureen (Sally Kirkland) and Kenny (Tom Wait). A comedy of errors ensues as Maureen and Kenny start across country tracking down Monty and Infidel.

Buck and Laura are delighted to see Monty ride up on the horse. They think this is their opportunity to make the ranch profitable. Infidel will be used as stud for the waiting harem. Buck and Laura are skeptical of Monty and think there might be a "snake in the woodpile" but are overjoyed with Infidel and overlook Monty’s shortcomings.

After several mishaps, the would-be criminals finally arrived at the ranch and surprised Monty one night. Kenny is only interested in the emerald laden Infidel while Maureen has marrying Monty on her mind.

Buck and Laura do the best they can to get ready for the overnite planned wedding. In the meantime, Rip Torn (Sheriff/Minister) has learned of the terrible threesome’s arrival.

Kenny takes Buck off looking for Infidel and the rest of the story, well, you just need to see and hear Buck (Bill Pullman) explain the ending.

*On a personal note, I think it is great to see Bill riding a horse,wearing jeans and boots and looking very much like a real cowboy while feeling right at home in the role, eleven years before his quintessential western film, The Virginian.

comments by Juanita Graves

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