Crazy In Love

Written by Gerald Ayres; based on the book by Luanne Rice

Directed by Martha Coolidge

Starring: Holly Hunter, Gena Rowlands, Frances McDorland (Wow! Three Oscar winners!), Julian Sands, Herta Ware, Joanne Baron, and of course.......

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This is a tale of a love so intense, that it's nearly obsessive and debilitating.  Teenagers in lust?  Newlyweds?  Nah, Nick and Georgie Symonds have been married for eight years.  Both are bright and intelligent and function as responsible, creative, productive humans: he's an investment banker and she's a documentary filmmaker.  And they are crazy in love after all these years.

Something is going on with Georgie, though.  She is consumed with the notion that her handsome husband (and by golly, is he ever!) may or may not be unfaithful to her, just as her seafaring grandfather was unfaithful to her grandmother (the astonishing Herta Ware in a unforgettable role for which she won the 1993 ACE award for best supporting actress), her father was to her beautiful, strong mother (Gena Rowlands, in a wonderful performance) and her brother-in-law was to her sister (Frances McDorland).  Nick works long hours,  though Georgie boasts that they have rarely spent a night apart.  She often goes into the city to be with him.  But when Nick is sent to London without her with a team of bankers, including the seductive sexy Jean,  Georgie's imagination goes into jealous and neurotic overdrive. 

Enter Mark, the tall, blond documentary photographer contracted to "take her picture" who spends an entire day making her feel like a model.   He showers her with attention and affection, ending their time with a kiss, and sending her into shock.  Is Nick really having an affair with sexy Jean?  Is Georgie having a nervous breakdown?  Will Georgie have an affair of her own when Mark shows up at the house for a quiet dinner?

The substories are equally compelling: Georgie and Nick live on an island in Puget Sound with three generations of women from her family.  Beloved grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer's; their mother has health problems; life marches on.  The strong pull of familial love binds all the members together to care for the most frail and defenseless.

The lovely story about the bonds of family, unconditional love, and the hard lessons of trust make this film a must-see for romantics.  Bill plays Nick Symonds with much affection, and oh my, he is meltdown handsome here: hair is always combed, dresses well, and so convincing as a faithful husband trying to understand why his wife doesn't trust him.  "Crazy" was released three years before WYWS: had this been in wide release instead of cable tv, we would have all discovered Bill well before Jack Callaghan.  

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Crazy in Love

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Georgie and Nick rarely spend the night apart; she'll go anywhere to be with him.

At the 4th of July party on the island.

Nick & Georgie share the night together.

Nick reassures Georgie once again.

And again......


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