The Guilty

Director:   Anthony Waller
Producer:   Paul Cowan, Thomas Hedman, Lisa Richardson
Screenwriter:   William Davies
Stars:   Bill Pullman, Gabrielle Anwar, Devon Sawa, Angela Featherstone, Joanne Whalley, Ken Tremblett, Jaimz Woolvett, Darcy Belsher
MPAA Rating:   R
 Released:   1999


"Weird and creepy pot boiler has Bill Pullman as a high-profile lawyer who gets mixed up in a scheme to off a girl (Anwar) whom he sorta-raped in a drunken haze.  Only it turns out the would-be hit man is the long-lost son (Sawa) he never knew he had!

What follows are more twists than a Red Vines candy, and while it's a slow burn, it's certainly a watchable one.  Hilariously ironic with a wry sensibility you don't see too much these days."

Review by Christopher Null,

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Callum Crane, hot shot attorney at his best. Celebrating success with a friend--and a cigar. Crane finds a fun way to break in the new secretary. What woman could resist a handsome (and rich) man with such a sexy smile. . .
. . .and a bottle of expensive wine?  Sophie hasn't got a chance. Sophie and Crane are about to get into trouble. Although dead drunk, Crane realizes what he's done. Feeling Guilty...


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