"Home Fires Burning"

written by: Robert Inman, based on his novel of the same name

directed By: Glenn Jordan

Produced by Marian Rees for the Hallmark Hall of Fame series

Starring: Bernard Hughes,  Sada thompson, Robert Prosky, Elizabeth Berridge, Neil Patrick Harris, and of course....

Not available on video and probably not in your local video store for rent. This story begins on July 5, 1944 in a small Southern town in the USA.  Jake Tibbetts, a dedicated but cantankerous newspaper editor, eventually finds himself at odds with his wife, grandson, and best friend.  Jake's son, Henry, is a lieutenant in an infantry company fighting on the European front.  Jake blames Henry for the death of Henry's wife in a car accident many years ago.  The working out of their relationship and past conflicts are at the heart of the film.

"Home Fires Burning" was originally broadcast on 29 January 1989 as a Hallmark Hall of Fame production.  Filmed entirely on location in Georgia, it has rich, interesting characters, a beautiful location, and a fascinating story set at a pivotal time in America.  Howeverm the film gives an impression of just skimming the surface, as though the format didn't allow enough time to develop the characters and depict enough incidents to express the story's theme.

Most of the principal actors are stage veterans, and their work is a joy to watch.   Our man Bill gives a compelling, haunting perfomance as Henry.  His character is in so much pain, it's tough to watch.  This role gives a good mearue of what Bill is capable of as an actor.  Neil Patrick Harris (as Henry's son) also does a wonderful job; their scene together is a standout.

--Mary Cochrane-McIver (1999)

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