Independence Day (1996)

Written, directed and produced by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin

Starring:  Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Margaret Colin, Judd Hirsch, Vivica A. Fox, James Rebhorn, Robert Loggia, Mae Whitman, Ross Bagley, Mary McDonnell, and course......


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On July 2 THEY arrive in 15 mile wide saucers that hover over the major cities of the world, causing people to wonder just what it is they're seeing and then widespread, frenzied panic. On July 3 the ships open up and unleash a destructive power the likes of which no one had ever seen. As the great cities lay in ruins, the world holds its breath as it waits for someone, anyone to come up with a plan to fight back.  And on July 4, we fight back.

The story follows four plotlines that coalesce at Area 51: the cable repair guy and his funky dad ; the handsome fighter pilot and his lovely single mom girlfriend with the incredibly cute kid; the washed up crop duster-Vietnam vet with three incredibly cute kids who live in a Winnebago; and the young, idealistic, drop-dead gorgeous President of the US of A, surrounded by an equally good looking staff, good looking wife, and incredibly cute kid. And they're all smart, too.

Well, hey. You don't need to read this to know who wins and who gets their collective butt burned. If you happen to have just come out of a decade long spiritual retreat  on the top of a remote mountain somewhere in Tibet , run out and rent/buy/beg/borrow/steal a copy of the video or the cool DVD that has a bonus disk with all kinds of great stuff (if you can stand Jeff Goldblum's running commentary.)  Sit back with a tall cool one and get ready for a pretty mediocre sci-fi film that is long on patriotism, fist-pumping action, good looking people, chest beating macho stuff, incredibly cute kids, and one really terrific dog (it's a Labrador retriever, NOT a golden retriever.)

Suffice it to say, even the most hard core sci-fi fans among us love this film, sort of as a guilty pleasure. It's actually a really great action flick. And our man Bill, well, my stars, he is amazingly boss, buff, large and in charge: firing big & bad missiles, flying a big jet, making the tough decisions, and inspiring the entire blessed world to drop-kick these pesky aliens into the nearest mountain range.

Yeah, boy. Your kids will love it; your husband will love it; and if you're a Bill fan, I'll bet the farm you'll go ga-ga.

There are some fun things about Bill and ID4:  Robert Loggia (Col. William Grey) is Bill's childhood idol.  Loggia was in a TV series in the late 1950s called "The Cat" which Bill & his siblings watched.  According to Loggia, Bill got all tongue-tied when they met.

The part of Nimzicki, the mealy minded Secretary of Defense (played with great relish by James Rebhorn) was written with Bill in mind.  But when Bill got the script, he wanted to play the President.  Emmerich & Devlin auditioned him and thought he fit the part.  They rewrote it to make the Prez a bit younger and a man of good character.  Bill Clinton was also a role model of sorts......this was pre-Monica days.

During the scene when the alien telepaths into Bill's mind, Bill used the painful experience of having a bad tooth pulled to play the part.  Icky.

See it.  Own it.  Be a part of the experience.  Rated PG-13 for some scary scenes with aliens, violence, people dying, etc., a lot of really fast action sequences, and some swear words.

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