by Ilona Ploeger
U.S. Marshall Conor Gallagher is at a dead end.   He has lost his job as a helicopter pilot   because he failed to follow an order.  He has a drug problem and his wife and daughter   have left him.   After completing a drug treatment  program, he is offered  a job as a bodyguard for federal judge Faith  Mathison (Lena Olin).   Gallagher isn't enthusiastic about  this job because he wants his  old job as a helicopter pilot back, but he has little choice.  Mathison needs a bodyguard because someone has tried to kill her.  She thinks the attempt on her life has something to do with the case she is working on.  Mathison is a strong, successful woman who doesn't like having a bodyguard.  She tries everything in her power to get rid of Gallagher.  Only when he saves her life must she admit that she needs him and his protection.   Her antipathy for him turns to sympathy and she decides to tell him about the case she is working on and ask for his help. Together they discover something so horrifying that they feel compelled to do anything they can to stop it.  As they escape their pursuers, they are in constant danger of being killed.  Are they smarter and faster than their enemies?

"Ignition" began filming in Vancouver, British Colombia on July 18, 2000.  Principal photography was completed in late September with  a lot of night shoots during the last week.

      by Ilona Ploeger
I think it's clear why Bill Pullman chose this role. Conor Gallagher is at his lowest point: he has problems with drugs, he has lost his job as a helicopter pilot with the Marines.  His wife has left him and he isn't allowed to see his daughter.  Outwardly he is a tough guy who doesn't fear anything and kills without batting an eyelash.

Even though the movie is an action thriller, it has a little bit of romance and a dash of the special humor Bill loves so much.  For example, there is a scene when he describes why he was fired and one when he stands in front of a mirror and tries to figure out which tie to wear.  The difference in his appearance and demeanor in this movie is amazing.  Some examples of this are: the look in his eyes when he watches his daughter in the indoor swimming pool, the pain in them when he has to leave her, his bashful look when he observes Lena Olin and his expression when he is pumped up with drugs.

Bill Pullman gives a brilliant performance in this thrilling movie and, in my opinion, Lena Olin fits with him perfectly.  This would have been a great film for the big screen. It's too bad the movie went straight to video.  


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