Bill as the construction site foreman

Mr. Jones

Directed by Mike Figgis

Starring: Richard Gere, Lena Olin

With an uncredited appearance by our man Bill

On video from


So why are we even bothering?  He's not credited; he's in it for a total of 47 seconds in two scenes.  It's a Richard Gere star-vehicle that wasn't even very good.

Well, he's in it.  He plays a construction site foreman who hires Gere's character, a charming manic depressive.  It's good for a rental some night after you've seen all Bill's other films.

And, Viv took a couple of snappy photos.  Enjoy!

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Lookee here!  Photos!

Bill & Richard

Bill, the construction site foreman, deals with Richard, a manic depressive day laborer

Pleading with the Man

Gere's character is in a jam and he pleads with the boss.

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