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The Last Seduction

Directed by John Dahl

Written by Steve Barancik

Starring: Linda Fiorentino, Peter Berg, J. T. Walsh, Bill Nunn, and of course...........


Director John Dahl and his actors must have had a ton o'fun telling this tale of a woman who literally takes the money (made off of a sale of pharmaceutical grade cocaine in the hilarious opening scene) and runs off to start a new life. Bridget simply cannot wait for Clay to finish his residency (and for the "doctor bucks" to roll in.) She stops in a small town in upstate New York on her way to Chicago for a drink where she immediately lands (and beds) one of the locals. Mike is taken in by her sensuous looks and obvious disinterest in a relationship. Bridget, sensing she's found the perfect schmuck (which she has), pulls Mike into her web of deceit and murder. In the final act of her seduction, Bridget convinces Mike to do her dirty work. But when he can't come through, Bridget takes matters into her own hands in the terrifying yet hilarious final scene.

This story is one wild ride. Bridget is perhaps the wickedest and wildest femme fatale of the '90s film scene. And she is brought to life with ferocious intensity by Linda Fiorentino. Her mate and match in this black comedy/thriller is our man Bill, who attacks the character of Clay as ferociously and deliciously as Linda. He delivers a tightly controlled performance as the jilted husband growing more desperate and angry at his wife's duplicity and as the loan shark's demands get closer to home. (Look for the discussion about interviewing sociopaths that the two have.)  If there are ever two characters who deserve each other, Bridget and Clay are those two. Watch for and savor this acting tour de force throughout the film. Take note of the excellent supporting work by the always marvelous Bill Nunn and the late great J. T. Walsh as Bridget's lawyer ("Anyone checked you for a heartbeat lately?"--one of the fabulous lines.)

Originally made for cable TV, "Last Seduction" played in movie theaters for a short run. Linda Fiorentino won a raft of awards for this role and all are well deserved, too. The jazzy combo-style soundtrack that runs just beneath the surface only adds to the slyly clever story.

Yeah, don't miss this one. It'll have you howling.

Rated R for sexy scenes, lots of bad words throughout and a pretty shocking ending scene. Definitely not for younger fans of Bill's nor for those who don't like noir humor.

Summary & comments by dlrs

Photos from "The Last Seduction" (Thanks, Ildi)

S1t.JPG (31402 bytes)

Making the trade to a better way of life (Bill as Clay in the opening scene.)

S2t.JPG (29116 bytes)

Clay realizes these guys aren't impressed by medical students.

S3t.JPG (34694 bytes)

Bridget smells Clay's success.

S4at.JPG (21212 bytes)

Clay wants to score, too. Hail the conquering hero!

S5t.JPG (21434 bytes)

The sweet smell of success.

S6t.JPG (25911 bytes)

Clay begins the celebration by shedding the "fear."

S7t.JPG (21508 bytes)

Clay realizes he's just been robbed.

S8t.JPG (36367 bytes)

"You'd better run!"

S9t.JPG (24453 bytes)

Hell hath no fury like a guy indebted to a loan shark--Clay plans his next move.

S10t.JPG (21085 bytes)

A desperate Clay deals with his duplicitous wife.

S11t.JPG (36425 bytes)

How can she blow this guy off?

S12t.JPG (16671 bytes)

The resident Bills--BP and Bill Nunn as client and P.I.

S13t.JPG (9826 bytes)

We feel Clay's pain...........

S14t.JPG (9407 bytes)

Wait a minute......the gears turn in mind

S15t.JPG (8291 bytes)


S16t.JPG (10969 bytes)

Clay exults as he begins to unravel the mystery of Bridget

S17t.JPG (10947 bytes)

Her name is..........

S18t.JPG (14229 bytes)

Clay tells Bridget about the sociopaths (a brilliant scene!)

S19t.JPG (14570 bytes)

Clay confrontsBridget's stooge in what director Dahl called a daring bit of acting on Bill's part.

S20t.JPG (12398 bytes)

Shackled hand to foot, Clay unwisely explains it all to his attackers.

S21t.JPG (16210 bytes)

Clay realizes he is in deep doo-doo as he catches glimpse of the mastermind of "The Last Seduction.""

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