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Lost Highway: The Story

Sexy, tormented jazz saxophone player, Fred Madison (Pullman) and his glamourous, bored wife Renee (Arquette) live in an atmosphere of ominous, lonely silence. Strange videotapes of their house and then the couple themselves begin to arrive on their doorstep. Unanswered questions abound: Is she having an affair? Why is he so brooding and paranoid? Does she have another life or a guilty past one? When Renee is murdered, Fred is charged, found guilty, and sentenced to death. He escapes into a different life as a young mechanic who falls for a mob boss's girlfriend--a blond Renee double. But Fred can't handle this situation any better than his former life. An eerie mystery man dressed in black is a harbinger of evil, death, and destruction throughout the film.

copyright 1998 Mary Cochrane-McIvor


Mary Anne




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Photographs from "Lost Highway"

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