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The American criminal justice system and the sometimes bewildering and byzantine procedures that govern the search and seizure of evidence are put on trial in this Home Box Office production from Renny Harland and his then-wife Geena Davis.  It is a story that too often occurs in the pursuit of justice in the United States, often times with tragic  and unjust results, and is a theme explored in US televisions shows like Law & Order and countless films.   Geez, it's a wonder anyone gets a fair shake.

Detective Steve Donohue is a good, dedicated cop, but the scene before him in the opening minutes of the film is almost too much to take.   Two rookie cops, laid out side by side in a crack house, shot execution style.   It's enough to rock even the steadiest of men.

A tip about  an ex-boyfriend of one of the dead cops leads Det. Donohue to the apartment of Eddie Rios, a community activist who also has a questionable past.  While apprehending Rios, Donohue & the suspect mix it up on the hallway.  Donohue shoots, seemingly in self defense, and ends up killing Rios' wife and brother.

The trial of Rios and the problems with the seizure of evidence puts the entire process in jeopardy.   When another critical piece of evidence is thrown out and Rios is found not guilty, Donohue snaps and decides to take the process into his own hands.  That, of course, is a tragic mistake.  Despite the flaws in the American justice system, no one man can bend it, even if it is to uncover the truth.

Our man Bill plays Steve Donohue with quiet intensity, a man just barely controlling the boiling emotions beneath the cool exterior.  This was his first role after Independence Day, and even though it was shown on a premium cable channel, it was a smart one to establish him in a different type of role from any other he'd played up to this point.

Rated TV-14 for violence and language.  Available on video.  Add it to your collection today.

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