Nervous Ticks video cover

Nervous Ticks (1992)

Directed by Rocky Lang

Written by David Frankel

Starring Brent Jennings, Peter Boyle, Julie Brown, James LeGros,  Paxton Whitehead, Josh Mostel, Cathy Ladman, and of course.......


Airline customer service rep York Daley is a man with a plan and not enough time.  He's due to fly out in 90 minutes with his married girlfriend to a new life in Rio.  But everything and everyone is conspiring to get in his way of happiness:

There are the lesbians in his shower, the mysterious Cole & his lost briefcase,  the assasins who are after him & the briefcase, the super & his wife who can't ever find each other, and his madcap girlfriend who wants him to kill her equally madcap husband before she leaves him.    And then there's the KISS-FM (is there a radio station called KISS in every market?) $100,00 "Money Maze" that York wants to win very, very badly.   York is sweet natured, harried, cute, and ya just can't help but root for the guy.   Will York make his 8:00 flight?  Will Ron kill York?  Will York ever find those Rossignol skis?  And what's up with that terrorist?

Supposedly shot in real time, "Nervous" is a madcap, wacky tale of sex, murder & mistaken identity.   Our man Bill once again proves he is a more than able comedian, and this film employs all of his considerable talents: physical (the scene where he does the "Money Maze is a prime example), timing (every line is delivered with panache), facial expressions,  everything.  He's in virtually every scene and he's adorable in every one of them.  

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Photographs from "Nervous Ticks"

[thanks to our snappy lady, Ildi]

York Daley

Ah, our hero--all around nice guy and helpful airline employee, York Daley.

York & the other nice guy

York with his colleague who will turn out not to be who he appears to be.

Money for the car

York considers the bucks for his beloved Volare.  He won't be needing it in Rio.  Take the money, York!

Millicent and York

Millicent gives York his tickets, and his ticket to a new life. And a little advice.

On the streets of LA

On the way to a new life, York runs into a lot of obstacles, beginning with the car.

The shower

Why are there two naked women in York's shower?


Have you seen my husband?

York & Rusty, the unbelievably stupid assasin, ask a lot of questions.

Ah, the breakers just need to be thrown, Ron.


Playing the Money Maze in the kitchen: turn right or left?

Uh-oh.  The jig is up--and I can't tell this guy my name.

Yes, I'm adorable.  How can you kill me?  Yes, I'm bedding your wife, but she just couldn't resist.


York zones out as Ron & Nancy fight over who's crazier.

York drives his Volare from one nutty encounter to another.

With 5 minutes to paradise, York contemplates his fate.


York confronts another obstacle between him and his new life.

I can do this!

Success!  York takes his seat & is second away from freedom.



Oh, yeah.  I'm good & I have a load of cash.  And I'm headed for...... Beirut? Life is sweet, anyway.



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