NV1.jpg (26678 bytes) Night Visions

"A View Through the Window"

Directed by & starring our man Bill

Also starring Michael Davis Sims, Sean Campbell, Todd Talbot, Carin Moffat, Emily Holms

Executive Producers & Creators: Billy Brown & Dan Angel

Story by Carl Lumbly; teleplay by Steven Aspis; based on a short story by Robert Lamar

Broadcast on the FOX network

Thursday,  19 July 2001

9:00pm (EDT) -- 9:30

After many delays for whatever byzantine reasons, this series of spooky-thriller half-hour segments that star and are directed by some of Hollywood's finest and/or more interesting actors and directors is finally coming to a channel near you.  If you can get FOX.

In the middle of 1000 square miles of nothing, something has appeared...something beyond logic....

So begins this episode of "Night Visions".  A midwestern prairie oasis, complete with hardwood trees, wood house, a grassy fenced yard as if recreated from a vision of 19th century Americana--a living Rockwell painting--has appeared in the middle of the desert.    A perfect cube with a perfect life inside it, yet Army personnel cannot hear what the inhabitants are saying, nor can those inside see or hear those outside. 

Major Ben Darnell (our man Bill), an Army officer with a degree in physics is called in to examine the phenomenon.  He is curious and goes about solving the mystery with the intent of a scientist.  He notices that smoke from a burned up generator penetrates the barrier, briefly....Darnell sets up an ingenious machine that shoots ice cubes at it in 3 second intervals hoping to map the breaks in the barrier.  Which he does.

Along the way, the prairie people become a source of happiness to the unhappy Darnell.  He falls for the sad-eyed, blond mother who often sits in the swing in the tree.  He connects with this lovely woman's obvious heartache, then he obsesses on her. 

In violation of his orders, Darnell decides to call in lip readers employed by the CIA.  The CO cancels the order and arrests Darnell after Ben refuses to tell what he knows about the breaks in the barrier.  At the moment of the next break, Ben escapes from his tent prison and jumps through the barrier.

While his compatriots look on, Ben meets the woman, takes her hands in his; they exchange smiles then...



The prairie people become vampires who rip Darnell to pieces.  His horrified friends fire on the barrier in vain.   The grandfather of the people realizes they are seen and closes the window.

Our man Bill plays Ben Darnell, a character who experiences the loss of his young son & then his wife with intensity & sensitivity.  This is a man searching to regain life.  Bill allows Ben to regain that happiness as he watches a family at work & play.  Good job Bill!

Here are a couple of photos from the Night Visions website at www.fox.com

Directing his ep for FOX


Bill in A View Through the Window

Bill in "Night Visions"

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13 August 2001