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Perfect Crimes 2: Tomorrow I Die

Based on a short story by Mickey Spillane

Teleplay by Steven Katz

Executive Producers Sydney Pollock & Lindsay Doran

Directed by John Dahl

Starring: Heather Graham, Dan Hedaya, Kim Coates, Jon Favreau, Dean Norris, Jack Nance, Bert Remsem, Grace Zabriskie, and of course......


Rich Thurber was Hollywood's up and coming leading man--he had all the plum roles and his face was on all the magazine covers.  The day he blew into town on the bus, it was hotter than asphalt in LA in July.   Rich gets off the bus to grab a cold one and take a leak, when the bar is taken over by a gang of bad dudes.  They mistake Rich, dressed in a suit and summer hat for the local mayor & take him along with everyone else in the joint for a really bad time.   Rich isn't the schmuck  he appears to be.  The story ends with a really cool twist--don't blink, 'cause you'll miss it.

Seeing who the director was for this 30 minute installment of this Showtime series, it leaves little to wonder why Bill did this.  John Dahl was a former student of Bill's at Montana State and directed him in the marvelously wicked "The Last Seduction."  This story isn't nearly as dark and funny as that one, but Dahl and Bill conspire to create a cynical air in this tale where everyone is evil in their own way.

Bill is the narrator of this 50's era crime story that was made so popular by the crime dime-store novel writer,  Mickey Spillane.  He uses his lazy, disinterested growl to create the perfect atmosphere, a la Clay from Last Seduction.   It's one of those roles that Bill likes to do because it juxtaposes his boy-next-door good looks with that of a character that is anything but.

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