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written & directed by Cameron Crowe

Cast: Campbell Scott, Kyra Sedgewick, Matt Dillon, Bridget Fonda, and of course...

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Cameron Crowe scored well with this tale about the Gen X crowd in trendy Seattle in the early 1990s.  Four interlaced stories follow 20-somethings through work, avoidance of work, love, and avoidance of commitment.  Good use of the cultural stuff we come to associate with Seattle: coffee and coffee houses, grunge music and mosh pits, the high tech market, microbrew beer, singles scene.  Actually, "Singles" is really quite good. What sets this apart from the average made-for-TV movie is Crowe's snappy writing and good performances all around.

So where does our man Bill fit into this story?  Well, you'll just have to watch for it--both scenes, the first one about 40 minutes in; the second, 53 minutes in (on my tape, anyway. ) But his plastic surgeon has heart and soul, and the hots for Janet Livermore (played by his Lake Placid co-star Bridget Fonda.)   Okay, so it's not the biggest part in the film, but by golly, we like Dr. Jeffrey Jameson!

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Photographs of the good Dr. Jameson

(thanks once again to our Snappy Lady, Ildi!)

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The first glimpse of the good doc.

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Picking the perfect boob size with a neat computer program.  And they wonder why guys spend so much time playing the computer?

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Getting the giggles over the biggest boobs possible (if you're gonna spend all that cash, why NOT get the big size, right?)

Meeting the patient before the procedure. Last chance to change your mind.

A heart-to-heart talk about bigger boobs and the true meaning of love and boyfriends.

A little mussing on the top, and yeah, Dr. Jeff is a happenin' fellow.

You're not a boring guy at all. (I mean, who wouldn't want to be with a cosmetic surgeon?)

Okay, so let's get on with the show!


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