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Alice Zemaitis (azemaiti@staff.uiuc.edu):
This movie is really L-O-O-N-G. I did think it was good in a documentary type sense if you want to know the whole story, just way too long. If you want to see a good movie about Wyatt Earp, see Tombstone. Val Kilmer plays a fantastic Doc Holliday and Kurt Russell makes a cute Wyatt Earp. One exception to the Tombstone version though, they forgot to cast Bill Pullman as Ed Masterson like they did in Kevin Costner's version. Once again Bill played the good guy, the guy trying to do the right thing as a law man, trying to keep the peace without being violent. Bill does a great job with this role and if you want to see what Bill looks like with a mustache this is where you will find out. I can't tell you much more about his part without telling you what happens... I would actually recommend that you see Wyatt Earp (Kevin Costner's version) to give you a broad scope and then seeing Tombstone to fine tune the story a little if you want to know the whole tale of the Earp Gang. Sauce Palmer (elieoran@gte.net) :
Great job Bill although the role in Wyatt Earp was a featured role your characterization was authentic and believable. Film some westerns for us. How about a remake of 'The Rounders' or 'The Cheyene Social Club'. Hmmmmm? Bill Goodwin :
Kudos Bill!!! Loved the scene where you get shot at point-blank range with a Colt Single Action Army revolver (black powder-based ammuniton, no doubt) and your vest catches fire (very realistic, and symbolic). It just points up the fact that Lawrence Kasden is a master of his craft, blending art with technical detail. You were very convincing and likable as "affable Ed" Masterson. Sorry you had to die, but that's life. You should have gone into politics as Wyatt (K.C.) suggested.

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