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"The Goat or Who is Sylvia?"


The Goat or Who is Sylvia? has just won the Tony Best Play award.  It has also won Best Play awards from the New York Critics Circle, the Outer Critics Circle and the Drama Desk. Although Bill was nominated for several awards, the Tony's glaringly left him out.   Here's an article from Variety magazine from someone who was as outraged as we were!

Pictures from the Tony Awards are also available!new.gif (1418 bytes)

Golden Theater

Premiered on March 10


Edward Albee

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Sets by John Arnone; costumes by Elizabeth Hope Clancy; lighting by Kenneth Posner; sound by Mark Bennett; production stage manager, Erica Schwartz; general manager, Joey Parnes. Presented by Elizabeth Ireland McCann, Daryl Roth, Carole Shorenstein Hays, Terry Allen Kramer, Scott Rudin, Bob Boyett, Scott Nederlander and SINE/ZPI. 

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Bill Pullman (Martin)

Mercedes Ruehl (Stevie)

Stephen Rowe (Ross)

Jeffrey Carlson (Billy)



David Esbjornson


Like the poster? See other candidate posters and find out the reason why Edward Albee chose this one.

To order posters, go to the Triton Gallery site.   Wait until a few weeks after opening night, though.


The Goat or Who Is Sylvia? is a bold new play by legendary playwright Edward Albee (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, A Delicate Balance, Seascape, Three Tall Women, The Play About the Baby) that concerns an architect played by film star Bill Pullman. In the same week that he's received an international prize, been awarded a lucrative
contract and celebrated his 50th birthday, the lead character also has to confess to his wife (Mercedes Ruehl) and son that he's involved in a relationship which will probably destroy his marriage, his career and his life.

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There have been appearances by cast members, and Edward Albee, on various talk shows to promote the play.
  • Recently, Bill Pullman appeared on LIVE with Regis and Kelly to promote the play. (see pics from show)
  • On March 6,2002, Mercedes Ruehl appeared on The Rosie Show to promote the play.
  • Also on March 6, Edward Albee appeared on the NPR radio show to promote "The Goat", along with his other plays.  There may be a way to order a tape of the interview so contact NPR directly.
  • An appearance by Bill to promote The Goat on The Rosie Show on April 3.(see pics from the show)new.gif (1418 bytes)
  • The cast - Mercedes and Bill - along with Edward Albee appeared on The Charlie Rose show the night before the Tony Awards.  (see pics from the show)new.gif (1418 bytes)

To hear what others are saying about the play, view chats from the Talkin Broadway site.   Critic Reviews also available.

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Mercedes Ruehl & Bill Pullman during rehearsals for The Goat.

Some lucky fans from the list-serve got to see The Goat during previews. While it was only a week after previews started, The Goat has already resulted in laughter, tears and raves, and some lengthy discussion, from the sold-out crowd.  With dialogue as crisp and caustically funny as you'd come to expect from an Albee play, it managed to squeeze humor from an admittedly dark subject. Expertly straddling humor and tragedy, I laughed till I cried and cried till there were no more tears ,especially during the confrontation between Stevie (Ruehl) and Martin (Pullman) and of course, the ending.  Ah, the ending.  Here's hoping the director will have the guts to keep the ending for opening night. Of course, the play also succeeds due to stellar performances from Bill (duh!) and Mercedes, along with the rest of the cast.  In a brave performance, Bill maintains our sympathy, even as his character destroys everyone around him. Go see it now, before tickets run out, and prepare yourself for a shocking, thought-provoking evening.

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Pictures from the mini-gathering of list-serve fans in NYC are included in another page.  It was great to finally meet some of you! 

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We were supposed to be serious in the picture, like the poster, but not everyone got the message.  Just wanted to let y'all know in case you thought we were unfriendly looking!

See more pics!


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