April 23, 2019




April 23, 2019 ALL MY SONS  PRESS NIGHT PERFORMANCE TODAY.  Watch for REVIEW links to right in PRESS box.
April 14, 2019 Bill Pullman Interview: the Independence Day president on doing Arthur Miller in London  The London Times. Jonathan Dean. READ the interview here.
April 13, 2019  ALL MY SONS   1st Preview Performance
March 27, 2019   Rehearsal pictures for "ALL MY SONS" at the Old Vic, London.                         https://britishtheatre.com/first-look-all-my-sons-rehearsals-old-vic/
March 6, 2019 'THE SINNER' Renewed:Season 3   https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/sinner-renewed-season-3-matt-bomer-set-star-1192538
March 3, 2019  Rehearsals for "ALL MY SONS"  begin this week at the Old Vic, London.  Bill Pullman stars as Joe Keller.

Bill Pullman, Sally Field  ALL MY SONS   

February 27, 2019 Bill Pullman will be on his way to London to make his stage debut there in the Old Vic production of "All My Sons".  Rehearsals start next week. For more on "All My Sons" , visit:  https://www.oldvictheatre.com/whats-on/2019/all-my-sons

February 5, 2019  Bill Pullman will be the host for "Epic Yellowstone" premiering on the Smithsonian channel on March 10.
See the article linked for more information: https://www.broadwayworld.com/…/The-Smithsonian-Channel-and…

January 25, 2019  The SAG Awards will be presented Sunday, January 27. Check the article linked for where to watch & the list of all nominations. https://www.tvguide.com/news/sag-awards-2019-how-to-watch/

Bill & Tamara Pullman at the 'ALL MY SONS' opening night after party

December 17, 2018                                           Happy Birthday, Bill Pullman !!
December 12, 2018  Bill Pullman is nominated for a Screen Actor's Guild (SAG)  Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Limited Series or TV movie for The Sinner.  The SAG Awards will be presented on January 27, 2019.
September 26, 2018  Bill Pullman visited Seattle as part of his work as a Spokesperson and Advisory Board Member for ARMADA, a group working to catalogue bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics. https://www.king5.com/article/news/catching-up-with-sleepless-in-seattle-star-bill-pullman/281-598354692

"All My Sons"  runs from April 13 to June 8.
To learn more about the production, the Old Vic and get tickets, visit:

Tickets are also available at: http://www.playbill.com/production/all-my-sons-old-vic-theatre-2018-2019

ALL MY SONS to be Broadcast in UK and Internationally
All My Sons, which begins previews April 13, 2019, prior to an official opening April 23 at The Old Vic, will be broadcast in the U.K. and internationally May 14  as part of National Theatre Live. (North American broadcast dates will be announced in 2019.)

September 17, 2018  First showing of TROUBLE New York City.

September 19, 2018  THE SINNER  FINALE  Season 2  Wednesday 10pm EDT  USA
Where is Julian?  Who was on the phone with Maurin?  What are the Keller Police hiding?  What is Vera up to?  WHO is Julian's father?            Niagara Falls??

The Old Vic Theatre , Waterloo, London,  right.

September 9, 2018 BRAIN DEAD  with Bill Pullman & Bill Paxton arrives on Blu-ray September 11.
THE SINNER Promo Trailer Part 7 Available on 'The Sinner' S.2 page.

Rehearsals: "ALL MY SONS"
Photos: Johan Perrson   Click  link below for all pictures & article

September 4, 2018 
TROUBLE  In theaters October 5, 2018


August 28, 2018  1st TRAILER  for  'TROUBLE'
starring Bill Pullman & Anjelica Huston  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6_eJ4S020s

THE SINNER  Part 5   Wednesday, August 29 

'EPIC YELLOWSTONE' on the Smithsonian channel

Bill Pullman A Presenter at the OLIVIER AWARDS

April 7, 2019
   Bill Pullman was a Presenter at the Olivier Awards in London. The awards celebrate London theatre, and are Britain's most prestigious stage honours. The ceremony is held at the Royal Albert Hall.
   In London to rehearse for "All My Sons" at the Old Vic (April 13 to June 08), Pullman presented the Award for Best Actor to Kyle Soller for "The Inheritance" along with  his co-star Sally Field.

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Bill Pullman is the Host-Narrator of  'Epic Yellowstone' available on the Smithsonian channel. The four-part series focuses on the animals of Yellowstone National Park. Ways to watch "Epic Yellowstone";      https://www.smithsonianchannel.com/ways-to-watch

Sally Field, Ryan Soller, Bill Pullman

THE SINNER Season 3  Announced

Details, so far, here:  https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/sinner-renewed-season-3-matt-bomer-set-star-1192538
Comprehensive article:

'THE COLDEST GAME'  starring Bill Pullman will be released in 2019.  Pullman plays a chess master in the thriller, filmed on location in Warsaw, Poland.  (Photo, right: Bill Pullman in 'The Coldest Game'.)   Visit our Film page HERE

INTERVIEW : Bill Pullman talks about filming  'THE COLDEST GAME'
h ttp://variety.com/2018/film/news/bill-pullman-spy-thriller-the-coldest-game-subbing-for-william-hurt-1202730212/


THE SINNER   Trailers, Photos, Cast Interviews,Episodes

Bill Pullman gives an exclusive INTERVIEW about "The Sinner", filming "The
Coldest Game" in Warsaw and his recent theater adventures. Read it HERE

Bill Pullman Began his Acting Career in Montana
As keynote speaker at the Governers' Humanities Awards in Montana, Bill Pullman had this to say:
    Pullman told MTN his heart remains in Montana, where he was a professional actor before Los Angeles or New York. He came to Montana decades ago to work with Shakespeare in the Parks.
  “There’s people that have dedicated their lives to the higher pursuits, and it’s great that Montana has a great crop of them,” said Pullman.
“There’s a particular sense of humility and a certain kind of sense of wanting to engage with what change is going on here, and seeing ourselves as a certain kind of culture on this part of the Rocky Mountains,” he added.
Pullman said he is excited to see a new generation invested in the humanities. He is currently working on a series with a young group of filmmakers in Bozeman.

Visit PULLMAN & SHAKESPEARE IN MONTANA to learn about Pullman's time as an Actor & Director with Shakespeare in the Parks in Montana.

Bill Pullman, left above, performing with Montana Shakespeare in the Parks.

For more on the awards:

Bill Pullman Talks about Working with ARMADA to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

Beth Henley's 'THE JACKSONIAN' was performed as a table read at Circle in the Square Theater on July 19, 2018.   Bill Pullman reprised his role as Fred Weber and Juliet Brett returned as Rosie Perch. Both were members of the original New York cast.
Photo (above) : Wilma Aponte

Bill Pullman, Hollywood Actor, ARMADA Spokesperson and Advisory Board Member urges the public to join ARMADA in the battle against antibiotic resistance. Learn more at: https://joinarmada.org/

Lewis Pullman & Bill Pullman: Premiere of "Bad Times at the El Royale"

VIDEO of Red Carpet Arrivals

Lewis Pullman and Bill Pullman

   Bill Pullman Steps In for William Hurt in  thriller 'THE COLDEST  GAME'

Director Lukasz Kosmicki, Bill Pullman

Just a short time after beginning to shoot "The Coldest Game", William Hurt broke his leg. "Luckily for Hurt, a similarly prolific actor also by the name of William was ready and willing to step into the role: Bill Pullman." --NY Daily News

Director Lukasz Kosmicki  says "(Pullman) is a versatile actor with an impressive resume, who has already brilliantly brought to life the character of Joshua Mansky."

Bill Pullman and Lotte Verbeek star in "The Coldest Game".  The thriller takes place as the Cuban Missle Crisis is unfolding.  Pullman plays Josh Mansky, a forgotten U.S. chess genius, playing the Russian champion in a chess match that takes on global signifigance with the world on the brink of nuclear annihilation. 

"The Coldest Game" was shot in Warsaw, Poland.

"Bad Times at the El Royale" premiered in Los Angeles on September 22.   Opens October 12
Lewis Pullman is one of the stars of the film.  Lewis and his father,  Bill Pullman, attended the premiere. (See Video above).

Official Website with TRAILER:

Bill Pullman as Josh Mansky

Bill Pullman in Warsaw

Bill Pullman shot "The Coldest Game" in Warsaw, Poland.
For more about his time in Warsaw.   CLICK HERE