Bill Pullman in Warsaw

Bill Pullman feels great in Poland. The star of such blockbusters as “Independence Day” and “Sleepless in Seattle” has been in Warsaw for some time shooting his next film. It turns out
that the Hollywood star fits perfectly into the crowd. However, the owners of an antique shop
he visited recognized him.

Bill Pullman is in Poland shooting a film, “The Coldest Game”. What does he do when the work day ends and he finally has free time? It turns out that the Hollywood star can perfectly blend in with
a crowd of Varsovians. A popular discount shopping bag helps him but despite the camouflage
as he strolls around Saska Kepa, the owners of an antique shop recognize him.

Bill Pullman outside the antiques store in Warsaw

Who is Bill Pullman? The actor has made such films as “Independence Day”, “While You Were
Sleeping” and “Sleepless in Seattle”. Now he is working on “The Coldest Game” which is being
shot in Warsaw. The film, shot in English, tells the story of an outstanding chess player and
mathematician (Pullman) who is set to play in a chess duel against the Soviet champion at the
international tournament at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. In fact, the tournament
is just a cover for the spy game.

Originally, the main role in “The Coldest Game” was to be played by William Hurt, but he was injured
in an offset accident a few days after the start of filming.

“I only had one day to decide whether or not I would do this project, I never took over the role
of another actor, let alone my friend – William, I've known for 30 years” Pullman recalls in an interview with PAP Life. The premiere of “The Coldest Game” is planned for 2019.

The film is being shot in Poland from February to mid-April. In Warsaw, Pullman is not lonely:
“I came with my wife Tamara. Our children are already in their twenties and we can finally travel together.”

Translated from Polish
Edited by Mary Cochrane-McIvor