Cagney and Lacey "A Safe Place" 5.22, May 12, 1986

Home Fires Burning 1989

The Tracey Ullman Show "The Word" 4.15, February 11, 1990

Perfect Crimes: "Tomorrow I Die" 2.16, 1995

Saturday NIght Live "Host" 22.3, October 1996

Merry Christmas, George Bailey (PBS) 1997

Night Visions "A View Through A Window" 2001 (Director-star)

Revelations  (miniseries) 2005

Law & Order: SVU "Closet" 9.16, April 22, 2008.

Nathan vs. Nurture  (Pilot)  2010

Too Big to Fail (HBO) 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day Season 4, July 8, 2011

1600 Penn 2012

The Sinner   2017   USA network

The Sinner  -  Season 2    2018   USA network

Epic Yellowstone   2019   Smithsonian Channel  (Host-Narrator)

Coming Soon
The Sinner -   Season  3     USA  network


Hollywood Aliens and Monsters 1997

Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch 1997

The Directors: The Films of Wes Craven 1999

The Directors: The Films of Nora Ephron

Opening the Tombs of the Golden Mummies: Live 2000

Coming to Light: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indians 2000  (voice)

The Road to Reconciliation 2002  (narrator)

Why Shakespeare? 2005

Parables of War   2014

  Bill Pullman has appeared on numerous talk shows.  For a complete listing, see the Bill Pullman entry on the IMdb.